Sunday, 8 April 2012


Chatterbox, amplified finish mac cosmetics

Trust me and only me to walk out of mac buying the wrong lipstick. I spent 20 minutes trying on bright pink lipsticks umming and arring between two different finishes. By the time id asked 3 different employees i finally decided which one and must have told her the wrong name because i ended up with this. Don't get me wrong its a nice colour but it wasn't the bright fuchsia pink i was expecting. Im going to keep it of course because its much more wearable than my viva glam nicki and i don't see any harm in building up a nice collection. Whats best of all is that debenhams has 10% off all beauty and fragrance so this only cost £12.15!

I also got to try the new Dior addict extreme, my eyes went straight towards the colour lucky (536) and the lady on the counter told me it was the colour kate moss was wearing in the adverts. Great minds think alike right? Anyway the lipstick has a lovely finish, almost like a glossy stain and the colour is so bright. Unfortunately i'll probably never own it but a girl can dream right?

Do you have any new additions to your lipstick collection?

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  1. i have doune the exact same thing as well but ended up loving the lipstick i got by mistake