Thursday, 29 March 2012


I thought id write a little post about my favourite 5 things in my wardrobe/things i can't possibly live without! I believe every girl has their own go to items and these are my five wardrobe staples...

Black blazer - h&m - Probably the most work item in my entire wardrobe, I'm rarely seen without it. I think its great because it smartens up any outfit and will always be stylish and classic.

Skinny jeans - Topshop - I actually hate jeans and for about 2 years i never wore a pair because i just thought they were horrid and they made me look even bigger and didn't go with anything and were quite childish. Then i was introduced to the 'Leigh' jeans from Topshop and i fell in LOVE. They're not proper jeans which makes them super comfy and light and easy to wear. They don't fall down and expose any of the dreaded 'builders bum' and i always wear mine rolled up at the ends because they're black and i bought super long ones accidentally!

Black leggings - h&m - I challenge you to find a girl in the UK that doesn't own a pair of black leggings. They are a fashion staple and i honestly could not LIVE without mine. Before my Leigh jeans leggings or tights were all id wear for over 2 years!

Converse - office - Converse are a classic which go with anything and everything, enough said really.

White tee - h&m - White tee shirts can be really hard to wear especially if you're like me and only own 1 white bra! No one likes seeing someones bra through a top (unless its on purpose) so it can be a bit hard but i love a nice baggy white tee, it looks fresh and understated with everything. Plus you get to wear amazing jewellery because the top won't clash!

What are your favourite five classic wardrobe pieces?

Thursday, 22 March 2012


MUA Heaven & earth palette £4, blusher £2.50, lipstick £1 all available here

Im sure the entire world and its mother now have the MUA heaven and earth palette. I've wanted to try it for months and never really got round to it but I'm so glad i did because i love it. Before this i used the topshop smoky eye palette which is lovely but this has a much bigger shade range and aren't all glittery like the topshop ones. I love brown eyeshadow and rarely wear anything different just because i have brown eyes and brown hair i just think natural colours suit me best. In summary, I'm really pleased with this palette and for the price i think its brilliant. 

I also bought the mosaic blusher and the lipstick in juicy. The blusher itself is made from lots of shades of pink and purple and is really easy to apply. I did find this blusher a bit too shimmery for me to wear alone so i use it as a highlighter swell as a blush. I think this blusher would suit people of a paler complexion whereas i think mines quite warm so it didn't really suit. 

The lipstick is a really lovely peachy colour, and goes on really easily. However i have quite dry lips and although its very moisturising the lipstick settled in all the cracks and didn't really leave me happy. Im going to keep trying it though and see if i can get it right.

Do you own any MUA cosmetics? Whats your favourite, let me know!

Sunday, 18 March 2012


flatforms £25 h&m 

It's official, i am well and truly on the flatform hype! Mine are from h&m and i ordered them online so i had to pay extra for the postage, boo! I'm finding them really comfy but very strange to walk in the first few times (i did actually fall out of my bedroom door wearing them, so its not just high heels that can make you brake your ankle, I'm looking at you parents who only think its the high ones!) but after a while I'm quite steady on them. the only issue i have with mine are the sizing, i hate h&m shoes because they're really hard to get hold of and i think the sizes are very weird. Unfortunately one shoe is a bit looser than the other so i need some insoles or something to sort that out.

Any one else jumping on the flatform trend?

Sunday, 11 March 2012


On a recent trip to New York i was lucky enough to visit the 'Bookmarc' shop in the west village. Bookmarc is a brand extension of Marc Jacobs and the shop directly opposite Marc Jacobs sells a variety of books, notebooks, iPhone covers and stationary. Its a great extension and all the products are very competitively priced as you are buying into a high end designer brand.
I unfortunately don't have an iPhone (yet!) or iPad (i wish!) so those two products were off the cards for me. However being the stationary lover that i am i picked up a few pencils and a classic black sharpie which cost me about $5.50 (£3.50 ish). They had some lovely notebooks which we bought as a present for our friend and they had some brilliant little padlocks which told you 'not to touch that persons stuff'. The actual message wasn't that polite!
All the products come in the very iconic Marc Jacobs bag, mine was super tiny but something i want to keep as i'll probably never hold a full size Marc Jacobs bag! A girl can dream i suppose.
If you're lucky enough to visit New York City i suggest heading to the west village where you will find the extremely tasty magnolia bakery, Mulberry and Lulu Guinness to name a few!

Friday, 9 March 2012


This is actually my first ever mac purchase. I've heard about the Viva Glam Gaga lipsticks which were released last year and whilst in New York i popped into the times square store. The shop its self is amazing and puts every Debenhams concession in the UK to shame! The staff were really helpful and chatty and even 2 male members of staff argued over who was actually Nicki Minaj, very interesting experience! You were encouraged to try products yourself rather than making them apply it for you. I purchased the Viva Glam Nicki lipstick because i loved the colour and all the money raised from selling the products goes straight to charity, they even rang a bell at the till to inform the store someone had bought a Viva Glam product. Win win situation really, they also have a lip conditioner this year which is endorsed by Ricky Martin which i also really wanted to try but didn't get round to.
The Lipstick is a satin finish which looks nice on and doesn't dry out too much, this lipstick is incredibly long lasting and has made a very good impression on me. I don't usually wear lipstick because i have quite small, dry lips and they usually just crack and fade away but this lipstick has made me want more and more of them! Next I'm after a more subtle pink or coral to start a collection.
 Once you go mac, you never go back!