Sunday, 29 April 2012


Sorry I've been off the radar this week, a very very heavy workload with a random day trip to London thrown in the mix! After a 7 hour journey (don't even get me started) we finally arrived in the capital city to visit the 'beauty in the making' exhibition. None of us actually knew what the exhibition was about so we were surprised to find that its all about paper and the paper making process! 

The exhibition itself was really interesting and we were given a lovely notebook/colour chart and other information abut GF Smith (which is the paper company that created the event). My favourite and most inspiring part were the stacks of paper with stencil cut outs that acted as sign posts, even for the toilets! The event unfortunately finished on Friday but i can keep anyone posted on the next one they stage.

I'm sure you can understand that paper itself is actually fairly boring so we only stayed for a few hours and then headed out to the capital for some retail therapy. Unfortunately i have £0 in my bank account so there was no shopping for me but it didn't stop me browsing. I found that Zara sell perfume which smelt lovely but they don't sell it online so if anyone knows if their local Zara sells the perfume please let me know because it was super cheap and too good to miss!

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Hat, blazer & leggings: H&M
Sunnies and necklace: Topman
Oversized tee: American Apparel
Boots: River Island
That leg position: Models own

My first outfit post! It didn't rain in Preston today, whey! (for anyone who is familiar with the north west, it always always rains). This is my first outfit post, as you can see I'm not a stick and I'm not ashamed of that either and i definitely don't have any model features, as you can tell my legs have a bit of a mind of their own, no doubt that will become a regular occurrence - sorry!

Anyway, i have a very varied style. One day you can see me looking really girly the next i look like a boy but its just because i have an interest in all different parts of fashion so i don't just stick to one style. One thing to remember with me is that black will always remain. Its classic and i love it and its something that will never be 'dated' or 'not on trend' if you catch my drift.

Friday, 20 April 2012


sketchbooks and sharpies is how i spend my student loan, plus £12 worth of magazines for inspiration!

I can't believe its been a week since my last post, since that post I've moved back to Preston for uni and the work load has been doubled for the next week or so. I'm currently trying to improve and extend my work for my portfolio and plan and style a photoshoot for our end of year magazine. I'm sure you can imagine the workload...

Most students will have received their loans this week which is such an exciting day because you feel so loaded but unfortunately theres no shopping for me as I'm trying to save it for my year out, boo! A friend has bought some liberty x nike trainers and now I'm really pining for a pair but I'm trying to stop myself.
Other than that I've not seen anything in the shops i really want, that doesn't stop me drooling over asks every half an hour though!

I'm getting my new tattoo tomorrow which I'm absolutely bricking it about because my first one hurt like hell (i have a ridiculously low pain threshold). I'll try and man up for it so wish me luck!

Do any of you do creative courses or want to? Let me know!

Friday, 13 April 2012


Necklace £4 H&M, Clutch bag £8 Primark

Hi, just a quick update! Ive recently been to London (again! i know) and had a nice nosey round some shops in particular Supreme, Size? and Ben Sherman. Their shop design and identity are really cool. Carnaby street is definitely a great place to shop and to be inspired.

I also managed to check out the nikexliberty 2012 collaboration in the flesh and i was utterly disappointed. The display was so boring and uninspiring and they only had designs on display.

I popped into h&m and say the new conscious collection which is lovely, the colours and shapes are beautiful but i was on the hunt for basics and basics only. H&m never lets me down on that front. I picked up this white stone necklace, i love these kind of crystals and i used to have a bit of a collection when i was younger so this is a win win for me. It came attached to a metal base but i managed to remove it and i think it looks a lot better.
I also managed to get into primark on oxford street, which if you've ever been you will understand is such a nightmare. I managed to pick up this grey clutch bag and a couple of other things that I'll be sure to show you soon. I don't actually own any clutch bags so i thought now was the time to jump on the bandwagon. I'm going out twice this weekend so a nice bag is a must i suppose. Its quite big so il get a lot in there but guess what, there's no zip compartment! Which is such a pain because i usually just take cards out with me and not a purse, so i don't lose the entire thing!

Hope you've all had a great Easter.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Ive been a HUGE Wildfox Couture fan for a very long time, i bought my first tee at christmas and i LOVE IT (not so keen on the price tag though). So a couple of months ago they launched their jewellery range which is a great move for them. All of the pieces are lovely but these are the 5 i adore, especially the studs because my surnames Webster the 'w' kinda works for me. They're also the cheapest part of the collection!

Wildfox couture is available at asos in the UK but i order a lot of stuff from Karmaloop, which is an american site so you do pay a lot more for postage but the items are a bit cheaper and they've always got a wider range and sales on! My favourite word...

Do you own any Wildfox Couture jewellery? What are your favourite pieces?

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Chatterbox, amplified finish mac cosmetics

Trust me and only me to walk out of mac buying the wrong lipstick. I spent 20 minutes trying on bright pink lipsticks umming and arring between two different finishes. By the time id asked 3 different employees i finally decided which one and must have told her the wrong name because i ended up with this. Don't get me wrong its a nice colour but it wasn't the bright fuchsia pink i was expecting. Im going to keep it of course because its much more wearable than my viva glam nicki and i don't see any harm in building up a nice collection. Whats best of all is that debenhams has 10% off all beauty and fragrance so this only cost £12.15!

I also got to try the new Dior addict extreme, my eyes went straight towards the colour lucky (536) and the lady on the counter told me it was the colour kate moss was wearing in the adverts. Great minds think alike right? Anyway the lipstick has a lovely finish, almost like a glossy stain and the colour is so bright. Unfortunately i'll probably never own it but a girl can dream right?

Do you have any new additions to your lipstick collection?

Friday, 6 April 2012


I suppose everyone should see the face behind the blog!

Ive been trying a lot of my new make up recently and I'm getting on really well with some products more than others although i still can't make my foundation not turn orange! Its fine when i put it on but after a while i just feel like an oompa lumpa!

Face: Revlon colour stay foundation, Rimmel stay matte powder
Blush: Natural by 17 (available in boots)
Lips: Revlon lip butter strawberry shortcake
Eyes: Rimmel lash accelerator and maxfactor false lash effect fusion both black.
Brows: Rimmel eyebrow pencil

Thursday, 5 April 2012

V & A - BRITISH DESIGN 1948-2012

On a recent visit to London i had loads of time to kill so i took a wander to one of my favourite museums, the Victoria and Albert museum in south kensington.The weather was glorious so i spent ALOT of the day outside chilling in the sunshine, eating my kids meal as it was the only thing i could afford!
The museum its self is full to the brim with with artefact's of art, design fashion and culture. Unfortunately the fashion part (which is my favourite) is closed until may so i decided to pay the £8 to see the British design exhibition (the rest of the museum is free).The exhibition itself is great, a really varied mix of fashion, architecture, music, graphic design and engineering.  Really cool exhibition for whatever you're interested in, i highly recommend. The exhibition is on until the 12th august 2012, find out more here

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Thought i would summarise my fortnight, its been quite stressful as I've had a deadline, presentation, new brief and I've moved back home for the Easter holidays (all in one week). So for those of you that don't follow me in twitter, here's a few snippets of my fortnight. Enjoy!

- I went to see The Hunger Games, i thought it was really really good. Ive even downloaded the book on my mums kindle to read and that's my challenge for this Easter break to get it finished!

- McDonald's monopoly is back! YESSSSS and now i stop eating happy meals so i can get the stickers. I won some chicken nuggets so I'm pretty pleased with myself.

- A quick snap of myself in the library lift. Id been doing some work but i had to leave because i was missing out on all the fun outside! The dress I'm wearing is about 5 years old and ill never get rid of it.

- My best friend cooking our BBQ at the park, a mega heatwave hit Preston and we had to make the most of it, no one got food poisoning either so it was a win win situation.

- Back in the library again, found out we had a really nice coffee stand downstairs and they do iced lattes. Cue my new library addiction...

- Fell up the stairs and in order to protect my mac book i put my elbows out. Hence really sore carpet burn and me planking on the stairs just shouting 'owwwwww' for about 5 minutes.

- Fake tanned for the first time ever, missed a huge bit on my ankle so looked like a wally but I'm sure ill be a pro by the end of the month.

- My Sunday afternoon, catching up with The Voice which i think is really good! painting some false nails in 'pink lemonade' by 17 cosmetics and drinking lots of coke.

In other news:
- I encourage everyone to view the new Nike x liberty 2012 collection. I like the air max 90's best.
- In more shoe related news two of my favourite brands have collaborated Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell. Unfortunately i think they shows are only available in the US! sucks to be us
- Tomorrow morning i have a placement interview in London, so I'm up super early with all the commuters, going to try and get to the v&a afterwards because i love that museum so much.
- Tuesday i fly out to Barcelona for a few days, can't wait. So excited because I've not been since i was super young and i hope the weathers okay!


Lip butter £7.99, foundation £12.49, concealer £7.49 all 3 for 2 at boots

I was in desperate need of some new foundation, I'm a huge fan of Estee Lauder double wear but i just couldn't afford the price so i was recommended Revlon colour stay for oily skin.  I picked sand beige and I'm actually getting on quite well with it. I do have to use more than i did double wear but its half the price!
Because i bought them on 3 for 2 in boots i decided to pick up a concealer and a lip butter. The concealer is 'light' and its not too bad although the first time i used it a lot of product came out which was a bit of a waste. My lip  butter is strawberry tart. Id heard some mixed reviews of them but i like moisturising lip products because i find i have quite dry lips. I think the consistency is nice, they don't last very long on but the colours are really strong. I've been wearing it everyday since Thursday and i really like it. I'm dying to try some of the other colours!

Have you tried any of these Revlon products? What did you think of them?