Monday, 30 July 2012


Heres a geeky picture of me with my new keys, woohoo!

Sorry I've been completely off the radar for a while. The exciting news is that i have a new placement in Preston so I've just moved back up to a room near the town. The bad news is that i have no Internet or tv so I'm currently writing this in my uni library!

I'm so lonely without any tv, technology or housemates!

Please bare with me so that i can get back into blogger mode, more exciting news to come soon as well!

Hope you're all well

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Recently I've been making some changes to my life in the way of my health and so for the last few weeks I've been working really hard at my leisure centre, doing some classes and going to the gym. I used to really enjoy exercise but i got into bad habits and rarely did it but somehow I've managed to get this motivation to do it so I'm really pleased.

I currently do a whole range of classes which includes:

Pilate's: Stretching and toning, great for back and posture problems
Body Shock: A high intensity workout which really pushes your body
Bums, tums & thighs: You can kind of guess really, tones muscles i never knew i even had
X Biking: Probably the most uncomfortable thing I've ever done but i always feel good afterwards

Next week I'm trying body combat, body balance and I'm even going to give boot camp a go!

I really recommend seeing what your local gym do in the way of classes because i really enjoy them and i feel better every time i go!

Are there any classes you do, that you think i should check out? Let me know!

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Bag - £39.99 Zara, Perfume £9.99 Zara (only available in store) 

Ive had a pretty pants couple of weeks, every things going not so great and i decided to get myself a little treat to cheer myself up.  The bag is a pale pinky/cream colour. My photography skills are shocking i know! I also managed to pick up the 'fruity' fragrance for Zara. I have been after it for ages so I'm super pleased i have it.

Ive bought a couple of other things recently and made a few changes in my life so check back to find out more!