Wednesday, 6 March 2013


L-R Barry M (121), Rimmel Colour Show off (140), Lancome L'absolu Rouge (182) and Rimmel Lasting finish by Kate (107)

So i know I'm a bit late off the mark with the Rimmel London/Kate Moss collaboration but I'm quite fussy when it comes to lipstick!

The Rimmel range isn't something that particularly excites me however I was perusing boots (like you do!) when i saw this colour on the rack. I've been looking for a darker plummy red for ages so I took the plunge and it definitely paid off.

I found that the colour did glide on quite easily and  I did only need to re apply a couple of times throughout the day - so i was fairly impressed with the wear. The lipstick is also scented which i actually quite like, it's a sweet, fruity fragrance which I didn't find overpowering once applied. In fact both of my Rimmel lipsticks are, so maybe it's just a Rimmel thing? 

I've only owned the lipstick about a week but it's fast becoming a favourite of mine and for £5.49 you can't really say no!

Do you own any of the Rimmel/Kate moss collection, let me know your thoughts!

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Everyone knows the iconic Selfridges bags right? I'm pretty fortunate to live quite close to Manchester so I have not one but TWO Selfridges within my reach!

I recently went to the Trafford centre (absolutely LOVE that place) and stopped by the Muji concession, which I love. Kinda reminds me ok Ikea and who doesn't love Ikea right? Muji sell a whole range of bits and bobs for home and office and I had my eye on something in particular. I bought the double drawers which were £10.95 and basically it's a set of 2 acrylic drawers. Perfect for my make up and cheaper than some of the units you can buy from ebay. 

I currently have one drawer for eyeshadow palettes and lip sticks and another for blushers/bronzers/concealers and samples.

I really should of bought two sets because that's just a small selection of my make up, half of it is at home at my mums house because i literally have nowhere to put it! I'm sure a few of you reading this are exactly the same, or at least I hope you are!

So where do you keep your mascara i hear you ask? Never fear because i have an old box which is currently housing them all but I do plan on buying another set of two drawers and then moving all my make up in together. It's so much easier to find everything i want now, especially with the lipsticks!

P.s I'm really sorry if you're disappointed with my 'what's in the bag', hopefully next time it will be much more glamourous! 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


In my previous post I told you briefly about some changes I've recently made to my lifestyle. Well it pretty much all started in November, which was also the last time i properly blogged. I saw pictures of myself and i hated them, my self confidence had just evaporated. 

Since November, I've changed the way I eat a fair bit, I wouldn't say I was 'dieting' but I was just making better choices and not eating tons of take aways. I also joined my local gym along with my housemates which i highly recommend. 

I bought myself some workout gear, including the fluorescent nikes as you can see and it really kick started my journey in to changing myself and making myself appreciate and like myself more. Now I'm not saying that I didn't like myself before but in the last 4 months I've lost just over 1.5 stone which I'm really pleased with. It's not been without its struggle but the best thing is I've noticed my fitness levels improve drastically which is such a confidence boost. 

Gym's can be pretty daunting places, I completely understand and the classes at my gym aren't that great so I tend to work out on the machines, yes my gym is FULL of young guys in vests stood around the weights section checking their reflections every 20 seconds but you just learn to accept them. I've also had my fair share of embarrassment, que me falling flat on my arse in the middle of a class in front of 30 people (including a member of staff from work!) Took me a week or so to live that down and my face was definitely the colour of my trainers!

My point is, I encourage any single person that reads this to go out and join a gym or to watch some videos on youtube and work out because the feeling you get afterwards is unreal, once you start doing up your belt on a lower notch - no one will be able to wipe the smile off your face! Plus you get to go shopping to buy stuff to wear so its a win win really!

Sunday, 24 February 2013


So, do I even exist anymore? probably not. To be honest I've really neglected this blog and it was supposed to be my outlet for all things going on.  I've religiously been reading blogs since my last post, don't get me wrong but for some reason I felt like I hadn't got anything worthwhile to share but it's time to get back on the horse because I have TONS of things to share!

Following on from a previous post, i've been making a lot of changes in my life especially with the way I eat etc. I've been hitting the gym and keeping myself motivated and I'm really enjoying the results. Some of my clothes hang off me now which is sad because i love them but at the same time seeing that they don't fit is so incredibly satisfying. I've lost a stone and a half since November and I'm really pleased with it as my main goal is to lose 21 lbs before my 21st birthday (June) and I'm just over that already!

What else has changed? So I'm also half way through my placement, in fact next week will mark my 7 month anniversary shall we say? I'm still really enjoying it but it's definitely taken its toll on me mentally. Sometimes i really doubt my future there but i know I'll see this placement through to the end.

So for now, I'll leave you with a cracking selfie of myself and my best buddy.