Friday, 20 April 2012


sketchbooks and sharpies is how i spend my student loan, plus £12 worth of magazines for inspiration!

I can't believe its been a week since my last post, since that post I've moved back to Preston for uni and the work load has been doubled for the next week or so. I'm currently trying to improve and extend my work for my portfolio and plan and style a photoshoot for our end of year magazine. I'm sure you can imagine the workload...

Most students will have received their loans this week which is such an exciting day because you feel so loaded but unfortunately theres no shopping for me as I'm trying to save it for my year out, boo! A friend has bought some liberty x nike trainers and now I'm really pining for a pair but I'm trying to stop myself.
Other than that I've not seen anything in the shops i really want, that doesn't stop me drooling over asks every half an hour though!

I'm getting my new tattoo tomorrow which I'm absolutely bricking it about because my first one hurt like hell (i have a ridiculously low pain threshold). I'll try and man up for it so wish me luck!

Do any of you do creative courses or want to? Let me know!

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