Sunday, 1 April 2012


Thought i would summarise my fortnight, its been quite stressful as I've had a deadline, presentation, new brief and I've moved back home for the Easter holidays (all in one week). So for those of you that don't follow me in twitter, here's a few snippets of my fortnight. Enjoy!

- I went to see The Hunger Games, i thought it was really really good. Ive even downloaded the book on my mums kindle to read and that's my challenge for this Easter break to get it finished!

- McDonald's monopoly is back! YESSSSS and now i stop eating happy meals so i can get the stickers. I won some chicken nuggets so I'm pretty pleased with myself.

- A quick snap of myself in the library lift. Id been doing some work but i had to leave because i was missing out on all the fun outside! The dress I'm wearing is about 5 years old and ill never get rid of it.

- My best friend cooking our BBQ at the park, a mega heatwave hit Preston and we had to make the most of it, no one got food poisoning either so it was a win win situation.

- Back in the library again, found out we had a really nice coffee stand downstairs and they do iced lattes. Cue my new library addiction...

- Fell up the stairs and in order to protect my mac book i put my elbows out. Hence really sore carpet burn and me planking on the stairs just shouting 'owwwwww' for about 5 minutes.

- Fake tanned for the first time ever, missed a huge bit on my ankle so looked like a wally but I'm sure ill be a pro by the end of the month.

- My Sunday afternoon, catching up with The Voice which i think is really good! painting some false nails in 'pink lemonade' by 17 cosmetics and drinking lots of coke.

In other news:
- I encourage everyone to view the new Nike x liberty 2012 collection. I like the air max 90's best.
- In more shoe related news two of my favourite brands have collaborated Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell. Unfortunately i think they shows are only available in the US! sucks to be us
- Tomorrow morning i have a placement interview in London, so I'm up super early with all the commuters, going to try and get to the v&a afterwards because i love that museum so much.
- Tuesday i fly out to Barcelona for a few days, can't wait. So excited because I've not been since i was super young and i hope the weathers okay!

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