Thursday, 5 April 2012

V & A - BRITISH DESIGN 1948-2012

On a recent visit to London i had loads of time to kill so i took a wander to one of my favourite museums, the Victoria and Albert museum in south kensington.The weather was glorious so i spent ALOT of the day outside chilling in the sunshine, eating my kids meal as it was the only thing i could afford!
The museum its self is full to the brim with with artefact's of art, design fashion and culture. Unfortunately the fashion part (which is my favourite) is closed until may so i decided to pay the £8 to see the British design exhibition (the rest of the museum is free).The exhibition itself is great, a really varied mix of fashion, architecture, music, graphic design and engineering.  Really cool exhibition for whatever you're interested in, i highly recommend. The exhibition is on until the 12th august 2012, find out more here

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