Sunday, 29 April 2012


Sorry I've been off the radar this week, a very very heavy workload with a random day trip to London thrown in the mix! After a 7 hour journey (don't even get me started) we finally arrived in the capital city to visit the 'beauty in the making' exhibition. None of us actually knew what the exhibition was about so we were surprised to find that its all about paper and the paper making process! 

The exhibition itself was really interesting and we were given a lovely notebook/colour chart and other information abut GF Smith (which is the paper company that created the event). My favourite and most inspiring part were the stacks of paper with stencil cut outs that acted as sign posts, even for the toilets! The event unfortunately finished on Friday but i can keep anyone posted on the next one they stage.

I'm sure you can understand that paper itself is actually fairly boring so we only stayed for a few hours and then headed out to the capital for some retail therapy. Unfortunately i have £0 in my bank account so there was no shopping for me but it didn't stop me browsing. I found that Zara sell perfume which smelt lovely but they don't sell it online so if anyone knows if their local Zara sells the perfume please let me know because it was super cheap and too good to miss!

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