Sunday, 17 June 2012


So it was my birthday last week and I just asked for money because i want to start having snowboarding lessons! Ive always wanted to learn but I've just never for round to it but i am determined  to give it a go at least! 

Anyway i bought myself a couple of things when i went for lunch last week, the Zara perfume isn't the one i wanted but they didn't have the fruity one out so that's next on my list! I'm quite lucky in the sense that i don't particularly like the designer fragrances out at the moment and I've always liked the cheaper 'celebrity' fragrances like Britney Spears (don't judge! the purple bottled one smells SO good). For £9.99 you get a pretty good sized bottle of perfume and Zara do have quite a few to choose from. Unfortunately they can't be bought online.

I also walk through Debenhams to get picked up so i naturally circled the beauty hall on my way. Ive wanted to try macs mineral skin finish for ages and i had gone really with the intention of a new lipstick but i just decided to get this instead, it was quite expensive for a face powder £20.50! But it was my birthday and i wanted to treat myself! 

If you have a Zara near you with the 'fruity' fragrance let me know!!!! I'm DESPERATE to get my hands on it!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Ted Baker case buy here  

Vans case buy here

eeeeeeeeee! I am finally bang up to date with technology! I used to have a blackberry which i was quite happy with but it broke (nothing to do with me) and orange were useless as per. So i bit the bullet so to speak and waltzed out of phones4u with this bad boy. The guy in P4U was hilarious, Leyroy was just like the character Jerwayne from Phoneshop (channel 4). I had to wait over 2 hours to actually be given the iPhone so as a compensation gift i was offered a phone case for free. I being quite shocked by the offer went over and just picked up whatever was cheapest but Leyroy convinced me to go for the Ted Baker (worth £29.99!) 

Needless to say I left very happy that day. But being the tomboy that I am at times i needed this case in my life. I don't think its actually a legit vans case but I wasn't going to pay £30 for a case, I'd rather just buy more shoes!

How odd, that I write a post about iPhone cases and so does one of my favourite bloggers, check out the range she's found on ebay here!

So I'm now on the hunt for some good apps, Ive already got Monopoly and the sims 3 because they're my favourite games ever and I also have instagram which you can follow: sw_1992! Please feel free to recommend me some in a comment below.

Monday, 11 June 2012


Can't believe i turned 20 yesterday, I'm starting to feel super old!!!

I'm really lucky as i had a lovely birthday starting with a cake made for me by my best friend Aidan, it says Eliza because apparently i look like Eliza Doolittle? hmmmm we'll see. I also went for lunch at TGI Fridays which is always good and then afternoon tea with a few of the girls. I had lots of cake which you can see, cake is the way to my heart!

Finally is a picture of what i wore on Sunday, the sun actually shined (which hasn't happened in 20 years) so i was completely shocked and wore a dress teamed with my trusty top man necklace and my topshop allegra lookalikes from asos.

Today i got a bit wet n wild at Thorpe park. Its kind of a tradition now for my birthday for us all to head down and spend the day. It ALWAYS rains and today was no exception but we did get to go on everything with barely any queue so it was great as I'm so impatient and literally turn into such a child at any theme parks. FYI 2 for 1 vouchers for Thorpe park and Alton towers etc can be found on loads of tescos own brand food like pizza and crisps. So now you have no excuse not to visit!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


I blame my dad for my ridiculous dimples!

This is my new old top. Its a charity shop find but the label says Debenhams. I think it was £3 and i am in love with the collar! The shirt itself isn't a nice material, the kind that goes very see through when wet (thanks rain!) and it has shoulder pads, how retro!

The second picture is pretty much my facial expression all the time, i struggle with 'serious' poses so what you see is way you get with me, plus i thought my hair looked crazy/voluminous which I'm loving.

Today i hoped i was going to get a nice new jumper from topshop but the only one in my size had a huge hole in it, so i wasn't going to pay £26 for something which couldn't be repaired. However i did waltz out of phones4u with a shiny new iPhone! whoop! and i got a case for free because i had to wait over an hour for the actual phone to be delivered. Obviously i picked out the most expensive but I'll probably write about that next week once I've got it all up and running.

Tonight I'm going to try and get all my contacts down somewhere to transfer over to my new phone which will take hours no doubt and then I'm going to my best friends for a few drinks and a general hang out.

Also when writing this i heard some very sad news, some of you in the UK may of heard about the 15 year old girl being stabbed by her boyfriend and sadly dyeing. That was in fact one of my good friends sister so our entire town is in mourning over such a great loss. Its so sad to hear about these things but you don't really realise how real these situations are until you're affected by one. All my thoughts go to Megans family.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


...Well not quite. I've been off the radar recently, sorry but I've been moving, visiting family and all sorts!

My empty bedroom, I hate packing and moving out. Its one of the most stressful things ever and i have to do it every year! It took 3 trips to actually move all my stuff home, such a trek.
New purchases, I am completely broke (more broke than usual, trust me) so my new purchases are cheap things like nail varnishes. They still make me very happy though! Im currently rocking 17 Lasting fix in Fairy Cake which is a baby pink colour but not opaque quite bold. Ive included an out of focus shot because my acrylics look horrible right now and if i try and wedge one off, I'll have to get the rest off NIGHTMARE!
Early birthday/late christmas presents from my mum! Im hopefully going for a snowboarding lesson and a drive in a super car! All thats left to decide is Ferarri or Lambo... either will be a step up from my fiat!
Shelf is looking good, my life ambition is to have one of those super full bookcases down one whole wall. This is my start, which I'm quite pleased with. They do weigh a tonne though... the only downside really.

This weeks bad news: My beloved phone has died. My blackberry apparently has a broken screen which i had nothing to do with! (for once) and I'm totally hacked off because I'm stuck with my VERY old blackberry until christmas :( This blackberry doesn't even have the internet , i am SO gutted.

And lastly how I've been spending my evenings and tonight right now actually. Currently on What Happens In Vegas which i love, partly because of Ashton Kutcher and partly because of Cameron Diaz. I think they should get it on, they'd make a great couple!

I hope you've had a great bank holiday! I should be back with some more outfit posts next week as I've only ever done one! (Bad blogger i know!)