Sunday, 6 May 2012


Ive been so bad at blogging recently and I'm really sorry but I've had a ton of uni work. I officially finish wednesday (whoop!) so hopefully i'll get back into some kind of routine after then. Im currently waiting for an asks order which is very exciting because I've been umming and arring over the 2 items since the start of april and I've finally taken the plunge and spent £70 (which is a lot for a student like me who can barely afford prim ark at times). So keep your eyes peeled for a blog update.

The do i? don't i? title of the blog suggests I'm in two minds over something and at the moment its creepers. I can't decide whether they're cool and i can get away with wearing them or not. Obviously i can't shell out the money for real underground ones, i used to be an 'emo kid' with 'goth' friends so i know all about underground creepers and how much they cost! Im loving the pastel coloured ones but I'm not sure whether to risk it? What are your thoughts? Do you own any? please let me know!

The top row are all £25-30 from here
The bottom row are all £89+ from here

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