Sunday, 17 June 2012


So it was my birthday last week and I just asked for money because i want to start having snowboarding lessons! Ive always wanted to learn but I've just never for round to it but i am determined  to give it a go at least! 

Anyway i bought myself a couple of things when i went for lunch last week, the Zara perfume isn't the one i wanted but they didn't have the fruity one out so that's next on my list! I'm quite lucky in the sense that i don't particularly like the designer fragrances out at the moment and I've always liked the cheaper 'celebrity' fragrances like Britney Spears (don't judge! the purple bottled one smells SO good). For £9.99 you get a pretty good sized bottle of perfume and Zara do have quite a few to choose from. Unfortunately they can't be bought online.

I also walk through Debenhams to get picked up so i naturally circled the beauty hall on my way. Ive wanted to try macs mineral skin finish for ages and i had gone really with the intention of a new lipstick but i just decided to get this instead, it was quite expensive for a face powder £20.50! But it was my birthday and i wanted to treat myself! 

If you have a Zara near you with the 'fruity' fragrance let me know!!!! I'm DESPERATE to get my hands on it!

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