Wednesday, 6 June 2012


...Well not quite. I've been off the radar recently, sorry but I've been moving, visiting family and all sorts!

My empty bedroom, I hate packing and moving out. Its one of the most stressful things ever and i have to do it every year! It took 3 trips to actually move all my stuff home, such a trek.
New purchases, I am completely broke (more broke than usual, trust me) so my new purchases are cheap things like nail varnishes. They still make me very happy though! Im currently rocking 17 Lasting fix in Fairy Cake which is a baby pink colour but not opaque quite bold. Ive included an out of focus shot because my acrylics look horrible right now and if i try and wedge one off, I'll have to get the rest off NIGHTMARE!
Early birthday/late christmas presents from my mum! Im hopefully going for a snowboarding lesson and a drive in a super car! All thats left to decide is Ferarri or Lambo... either will be a step up from my fiat!
Shelf is looking good, my life ambition is to have one of those super full bookcases down one whole wall. This is my start, which I'm quite pleased with. They do weigh a tonne though... the only downside really.

This weeks bad news: My beloved phone has died. My blackberry apparently has a broken screen which i had nothing to do with! (for once) and I'm totally hacked off because I'm stuck with my VERY old blackberry until christmas :( This blackberry doesn't even have the internet , i am SO gutted.

And lastly how I've been spending my evenings and tonight right now actually. Currently on What Happens In Vegas which i love, partly because of Ashton Kutcher and partly because of Cameron Diaz. I think they should get it on, they'd make a great couple!

I hope you've had a great bank holiday! I should be back with some more outfit posts next week as I've only ever done one! (Bad blogger i know!)

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