Saturday, 9 June 2012


I blame my dad for my ridiculous dimples!

This is my new old top. Its a charity shop find but the label says Debenhams. I think it was £3 and i am in love with the collar! The shirt itself isn't a nice material, the kind that goes very see through when wet (thanks rain!) and it has shoulder pads, how retro!

The second picture is pretty much my facial expression all the time, i struggle with 'serious' poses so what you see is way you get with me, plus i thought my hair looked crazy/voluminous which I'm loving.

Today i hoped i was going to get a nice new jumper from topshop but the only one in my size had a huge hole in it, so i wasn't going to pay £26 for something which couldn't be repaired. However i did waltz out of phones4u with a shiny new iPhone! whoop! and i got a case for free because i had to wait over an hour for the actual phone to be delivered. Obviously i picked out the most expensive but I'll probably write about that next week once I've got it all up and running.

Tonight I'm going to try and get all my contacts down somewhere to transfer over to my new phone which will take hours no doubt and then I'm going to my best friends for a few drinks and a general hang out.

Also when writing this i heard some very sad news, some of you in the UK may of heard about the 15 year old girl being stabbed by her boyfriend and sadly dyeing. That was in fact one of my good friends sister so our entire town is in mourning over such a great loss. Its so sad to hear about these things but you don't really realise how real these situations are until you're affected by one. All my thoughts go to Megans family.


  1. I've just read the news story. That's so sad. Hope you're okay xx

    1. Im fine, its a great shame and she will be missed x

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