Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Ted Baker case buy here  

Vans case buy here

eeeeeeeeee! I am finally bang up to date with technology! I used to have a blackberry which i was quite happy with but it broke (nothing to do with me) and orange were useless as per. So i bit the bullet so to speak and waltzed out of phones4u with this bad boy. The guy in P4U was hilarious, Leyroy was just like the character Jerwayne from Phoneshop (channel 4). I had to wait over 2 hours to actually be given the iPhone so as a compensation gift i was offered a phone case for free. I being quite shocked by the offer went over and just picked up whatever was cheapest but Leyroy convinced me to go for the Ted Baker (worth £29.99!) 

Needless to say I left very happy that day. But being the tomboy that I am at times i needed this case in my life. I don't think its actually a legit vans case but I wasn't going to pay £30 for a case, I'd rather just buy more shoes!

How odd, that I write a post about iPhone cases and so does one of my favourite bloggers, check out the range she's found on ebay here!

So I'm now on the hunt for some good apps, Ive already got Monopoly and the sims 3 because they're my favourite games ever and I also have instagram which you can follow: sw_1992! Please feel free to recommend me some in a comment below.

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