Saturday, 26 May 2012


a man after midnight. nope? Just me who remembers that tv program? Anyway, its the weekend WHOOP! Ive never really experienced the 'friday feeling' before until yesterday, adjusting to the 9-5 working lifestyle is hard and I'm really no good at it.

I hope and I'm sure everyone is enjoying the current sunshine we have, my mums seen a few fainters today but i think its because northerners just aren't used to the heat whilst us southerners can take it in our stride. I was up at 7 to head back to uni to collect more stuff, in jeans! What a wally, i instantly regretted it as soon as we got on the motorway.

Its nearly my birthday so I've been scouting around for a couple of things i wouldn't mind having in my wardrobe and i saw these and instantly died inside. Remind you anything? A very popular Topshop instant sell out maybe? But at half the price. I loved the Allegra boots when they first dropped but i never bought a pair and now i feel like its meant to be. I'm ordering them next week so i have something to open on my actual birthday. I know i can't wear them in this current weather but its too good an opportunity to miss. I'm sharing these with you in good faith, do not let the 7's sell out now!

Im also a bit of a trainer fiend, which i haven't really shared on here before (sorry!) but I'm a huge street/sports wear fan, always have always will be. Anyway I've been lusting over Nike Blazers for agesss and look why else has been added to asos! They're beautiful!

eeeeee asks you really are pushing me to the edge!

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