Monday, 14 May 2012


Im a sucker for a good deal and its very easy to spend £30 on in order to get the free delivery! This is another present to myself for finishing uni but everything was essential anyway. As you can see below i bought a lot of brushes and a brush holder (DESPERATELY NEEDED) which are really nice and soft and i needed some new powdery type brushes. I also picked up a blusher, high lighter and eye brow kit. The highlighters great and super bright but I'm not so happy with the blusher, there wasn't much colour pay off. The final item was a purple nail varnish which does require 3/4 coats but its still really nice colour and at £1.50 you can't argue! 

Brushes: all over face brush, defining eye brush, powder brush, brow comb,smudge brush and complexion brush. All £1.50 (white handles) or £3.50 (black handles). The brush holder was £5

Blush in gotta glow, blush in tickled pink, eyebrow kit in medium all £3.50, nail polish in lilac £1.50.

All eyes lips face products can be found here.

Do you own any elf products? What are your must haves?

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