Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Today i finished my second year of university and i honestly wanted to cry, i love my course and everyone on it so the thought of not seeing them for 17 months (a long break but were all taking a placement year) is really scary!

In a previous post i said about something special coming from asks and i can proudly present Nars Wicked attraction. OH MY GOD IVE WANTED THIS FOR SO LONG. Its £35 but i got 10% off for being a student and features a blush/bronzer duo in orgasm and laguna ( which I'm dying to try) an eye shadow in fathom ( a pale pink shimmer) an eyeshadow primer and a lipgloss.

I honestly can't wait to try them, i waited ages to buy it because i wasn't sure if it was worth it but oh my god the packaging is just so cute and fair enough they're not full size products but i personally hate buying expensive things to find they don't suit me or work well with me. Hopefully i'll get a lot of use out of it.

Asos have a few bars gift sets, have you bought any Nars products? Any recommendations?

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