Thursday, 29 March 2012


I thought id write a little post about my favourite 5 things in my wardrobe/things i can't possibly live without! I believe every girl has their own go to items and these are my five wardrobe staples...

Black blazer - h&m - Probably the most work item in my entire wardrobe, I'm rarely seen without it. I think its great because it smartens up any outfit and will always be stylish and classic.

Skinny jeans - Topshop - I actually hate jeans and for about 2 years i never wore a pair because i just thought they were horrid and they made me look even bigger and didn't go with anything and were quite childish. Then i was introduced to the 'Leigh' jeans from Topshop and i fell in LOVE. They're not proper jeans which makes them super comfy and light and easy to wear. They don't fall down and expose any of the dreaded 'builders bum' and i always wear mine rolled up at the ends because they're black and i bought super long ones accidentally!

Black leggings - h&m - I challenge you to find a girl in the UK that doesn't own a pair of black leggings. They are a fashion staple and i honestly could not LIVE without mine. Before my Leigh jeans leggings or tights were all id wear for over 2 years!

Converse - office - Converse are a classic which go with anything and everything, enough said really.

White tee - h&m - White tee shirts can be really hard to wear especially if you're like me and only own 1 white bra! No one likes seeing someones bra through a top (unless its on purpose) so it can be a bit hard but i love a nice baggy white tee, it looks fresh and understated with everything. Plus you get to wear amazing jewellery because the top won't clash!

What are your favourite five classic wardrobe pieces?


  1. great wardrobe staples here - love the blazer!


  2. Love these items!
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  3. think everybody needs these basics! my fave are the converse shoes cause u can combine them with almost every item :) x