Thursday, 22 March 2012


MUA Heaven & earth palette £4, blusher £2.50, lipstick £1 all available here

Im sure the entire world and its mother now have the MUA heaven and earth palette. I've wanted to try it for months and never really got round to it but I'm so glad i did because i love it. Before this i used the topshop smoky eye palette which is lovely but this has a much bigger shade range and aren't all glittery like the topshop ones. I love brown eyeshadow and rarely wear anything different just because i have brown eyes and brown hair i just think natural colours suit me best. In summary, I'm really pleased with this palette and for the price i think its brilliant. 

I also bought the mosaic blusher and the lipstick in juicy. The blusher itself is made from lots of shades of pink and purple and is really easy to apply. I did find this blusher a bit too shimmery for me to wear alone so i use it as a highlighter swell as a blush. I think this blusher would suit people of a paler complexion whereas i think mines quite warm so it didn't really suit. 

The lipstick is a really lovely peachy colour, and goes on really easily. However i have quite dry lips and although its very moisturising the lipstick settled in all the cracks and didn't really leave me happy. Im going to keep trying it though and see if i can get it right.

Do you own any MUA cosmetics? Whats your favourite, let me know!


  1. These products looks lovely, especially the blush! I've never tried anything from MUA cosmetics, but I'd love to try whenever I come across their products.

    1. I'm currently using it but trying to pick up more pink than purple, its not going too well though!

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