Sunday, 18 March 2012


flatforms £25 h&m 

It's official, i am well and truly on the flatform hype! Mine are from h&m and i ordered them online so i had to pay extra for the postage, boo! I'm finding them really comfy but very strange to walk in the first few times (i did actually fall out of my bedroom door wearing them, so its not just high heels that can make you brake your ankle, I'm looking at you parents who only think its the high ones!) but after a while I'm quite steady on them. the only issue i have with mine are the sizing, i hate h&m shoes because they're really hard to get hold of and i think the sizes are very weird. Unfortunately one shoe is a bit looser than the other so i need some insoles or something to sort that out.

Any one else jumping on the flatform trend?

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  1. these are really nice! i've been looking for shoes like this. i really want a pair because you can just wear them with anything. they look good with jeans and with skirts x