Sunday, 11 March 2012


On a recent trip to New York i was lucky enough to visit the 'Bookmarc' shop in the west village. Bookmarc is a brand extension of Marc Jacobs and the shop directly opposite Marc Jacobs sells a variety of books, notebooks, iPhone covers and stationary. Its a great extension and all the products are very competitively priced as you are buying into a high end designer brand.
I unfortunately don't have an iPhone (yet!) or iPad (i wish!) so those two products were off the cards for me. However being the stationary lover that i am i picked up a few pencils and a classic black sharpie which cost me about $5.50 (£3.50 ish). They had some lovely notebooks which we bought as a present for our friend and they had some brilliant little padlocks which told you 'not to touch that persons stuff'. The actual message wasn't that polite!
All the products come in the very iconic Marc Jacobs bag, mine was super tiny but something i want to keep as i'll probably never hold a full size Marc Jacobs bag! A girl can dream i suppose.
If you're lucky enough to visit New York City i suggest heading to the west village where you will find the extremely tasty magnolia bakery, Mulberry and Lulu Guinness to name a few!

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