Sunday, 11 November 2012


So, I am still alive.

It's taken me a really long time to write this, purely because I've been wanting needing to do it, to regain some order in my life and to give me something to focus and be passionate about.

So much has happened over the last couple of months, i felt like i had left it too late to return to this blog. This is not the case as i have a fresh new outlook on everything (this blog included) so some changes will appear and a better blogger i shall become.

So the last time i posted i had just moved for a year long internship. I lived on my own with no tv or internet for around 4 weeks before i moved again. Those four weeks were the worst and i never ever want to live on my own ever again.

I now live with 4 of my friends and I'm really happy here - yay finally!

I fell in and out of love with an ex, not a good move i know! Sometimes you have to take risks to understand it's not meant to be.

I've joined the gym and changed my diet/lifestyle. After a real palaver with a set of scales (3 different weights in one day!) I know I've lost 6lbs at least so I'm currently BUZZING! I'm taking it slow and steady but I would like to lose 1.5 stone.

My internship is going well, it's hard and some days are better than others but i am very fortunate to even have an internship, let alone it being where i go to university so i can still go out and have fun with my friends. My boss is a fantastic lady who has shown me so much already and who i know will go on to bigger and better things.

New blog, new me starts from this moment on.

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