Sunday, 3 March 2013


Everyone knows the iconic Selfridges bags right? I'm pretty fortunate to live quite close to Manchester so I have not one but TWO Selfridges within my reach!

I recently went to the Trafford centre (absolutely LOVE that place) and stopped by the Muji concession, which I love. Kinda reminds me ok Ikea and who doesn't love Ikea right? Muji sell a whole range of bits and bobs for home and office and I had my eye on something in particular. I bought the double drawers which were £10.95 and basically it's a set of 2 acrylic drawers. Perfect for my make up and cheaper than some of the units you can buy from ebay. 

I currently have one drawer for eyeshadow palettes and lip sticks and another for blushers/bronzers/concealers and samples.

I really should of bought two sets because that's just a small selection of my make up, half of it is at home at my mums house because i literally have nowhere to put it! I'm sure a few of you reading this are exactly the same, or at least I hope you are!

So where do you keep your mascara i hear you ask? Never fear because i have an old box which is currently housing them all but I do plan on buying another set of two drawers and then moving all my make up in together. It's so much easier to find everything i want now, especially with the lipsticks!

P.s I'm really sorry if you're disappointed with my 'what's in the bag', hopefully next time it will be much more glamourous! 

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